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SPI PLUMBSTARTER Kit - 5-piece Radiator Maintenance Starter Kit

SPI PLUMBSTARTER Kit - 5-piece Radiator Maintenance Starter Kit

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Introducing the SPI PlumbStarter 5-Piece Radiator Maintenance Kit – a comprehensive set designed for efficient plumbing solutions.

The star of the kit, the Plumbtub, revolutionizes radiator draining with its flexible design. Bid farewell to traditional tubs as the Plumbtub easily reaches tricky spots, featuring bendable angles and a perfect seal with its flexible flanges. Suitable for 10, 12, 15, and 22mm pipes, this innovative tub minimizes constant emptying with its 1.4-litre capacity. Maintenance is a breeze – no seals, no grease, just easy cleaning for a reliable, hygienic tool.

Effortless Chemical Introduction: QuickFill, with its swivel joint, transforms chemical introduction into a seamless process. Fit for a 1/2" BSP radiator tapping, it allows gravity to work in your favor, introducing inhibitors into the central heating system effortlessly.

Mess-Free Maintenance: Bid farewell to messy drips during radiator maintenance with the QuickBungs and QuickBung Large. Tailored for various applications, they ensure a secure seal, keeping your workspace clean and professional.

QuickBung Large, designed for apertures between 14mm and 42mm, takes the lead in preventing drips during cylinder and tank removal.

Powerful Drain Unclogging: The SPI Sink and Drain Plunger, boasting a commercial-style design with large bellows, is your ultimate solution for unclogging drains. Versatile enough to tackle blockages in bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, baths, and showers, this compact yet powerful tool ensures smooth-flowing drains with every use.

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