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Holstery HammerMaster Clip-On Tactical Hammer Loop Holder

Holstery HammerMaster Clip-On Tactical Hammer Loop Holder

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Most hammer loops are not where you want them to be. They're built into your tool bags or you have to thread them onto your belt. Your hammer is either knocking you in the legs or it isn’t easy to take on and off when you don’t need it.

HammerMaster can clip easily onto your belt or bags. You can put it exactly where you want it, and take it off easily when you’re switching tasks or getting into a vehicle. And it can carry more than just a hammer!

It’s perfect for people who need professional, low-profile tool holsters on the job.

Low Profile Look and Feel Minimalist hammer holster holds securely to your belt and is almost un-noticeable when you don't have a hammer in it. Easy To Clip On/Off Your Belt, Tool Bags, or Pockets You can quickly clip on HammerMaster wherever it works best for your job at hand.

Carry it solo for lightweight tasks or make it part of your existing tool belt/vest system. Works With a Wide Range of Hammers Carry your hammer, hatchet, mallet, or even sledgehammers and axes. Work Light and Fast If you rely on a hammer for your work then HammerMaster will make your life much easier! Order yours today and you'll see why people absolutely love it!

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  • WORK LIGHT AND FAST - Carry your hammer, hatchet, or mallet in this lightweight, minimalist loop that clips easily on and off of your belt, pockets, or tool bags.
  • EASY TO CLIP-ON/OFF - Fits belts and straps up to 1.75" (45mm). Doesn't need to thread onto your belt. Take it off quickly when you're done working or getting into a vehicle.
  • WORKS WITH A WIDE RANGE OF HAMMERS - Firmly holds a framing hammer, sledgehammer, hatchet, axe, rubber mallet, ball peen hammer, dead blow hammer, claw hammer, tack hammer, drywall hammer, welding hammer, rock hammer, brick hammer, electrician hammer, and more!
  • LOW-PROFILE PROFESSIONAL LOOK - Holds snug to your belt and doesn't get grimy like nylon or leather hammer loops.
  • ASSEMBLED IN IDAHO, USA - Durable holster Kydex frame, 100% polycarbonate belt clip, steel loop, and rivets.


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Disclaimer: Please follow the HSE guidance 'Working at Height'


Hammer Master clip on tool belt hammer holder

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