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FlipFix Access Panels - 2 Hour Fire Rated Standard Lock Beaded Frame - Size Options

FlipFix Access Panels - 2 Hour Fire Rated Standard Lock Beaded Frame - Size Options

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FlipFix Access Panels - 2 Hour Fire Rated Beaded Frame - Standard Lock

The FlipFix MD has a metal-faced door and is designed to fit straight into a pre-cut hole using the "pop-out" cutting template provided with every FlipFix Panel. This Range of access panels has a Fire Resistance Rating of 2 Hour Fire-rated.

The Panel has a 25mm Beaded Frame and is supplied with a standard budget lock. These panels are designed for inspection purposes only and are not suitable for personal access.

The panel is manufactured from 0.9mm Zintec Steel and has a fully demountable metal-faced door which is powder coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss.

The door is fitted with a screw pin hinge and is lockable using a standard budget lock.

Sizes Available:

  • FF120BF150X150 - 150 x 150mm Structural opening (199 x 199mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF200X200 - 200 x 200mm Structural opening (248 x 248mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF300X300 - 300 x 300mm Structural opening (348 x 348mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF450X450 - 450 x 450mm Structural opening (498 x 498mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF550X550 - 550 x 550mm Structural opening (598 x 598mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF600X300 - 600 x 300mm Structural opening (648 x 347mm Including Frame)
  • FF120BF600X600 - 600 x 600mm Structural opening (648 x 648mm Including Frame)

Features and benefits:

  • Supplied with a 2 Hour Fire rating as standard
  • Suitable for Walls and Ceilings
  • Removes all additional material Costs E.g. wood, screws and glue
  • saves up to 80% of the time taken to fit a standard Access Panel.


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