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Bladefixers Multi-functional Plasterboard Fixing 246kg

Bladefixers Multi-functional Plasterboard Fixing 246kg

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BladeFixer is a heavy duty plasterboard fixer capable of holding up to 246kgs. Its unique larger fixing area can take multiple screws making it ideal for securing heavy items such as radiators and wall cabinets to plasterboard walls.

Unlike other fixings its super simple design is easy to fix in 4 simple steps and requires nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver if you choose and just a minute or two to fit.

Tested to hold 80kg tension and 246kg shear loads on 15mm plasterboard. The BladeFixer is suitable for use on all plasterboard thickness including double board, insulating board, dot n' dab and also lath and plaster.

BladeFixers are suitable for:  Boilers / Radiators / Cupboards / Shelves / TV brackets / Mirrors & Pictures and more in plasterboard walls and ceilings.

BladeFixers are available in packs of 10 and 20 BladeFixers plus 2 screws per fixing.

Fixing Instructions:

  • A drill is not essential. A Phillips screwdriver is sufficient
  • You can use the pointed end of the BladeFixer to make your incision into the plasterboard
  • Bend into a 'U' shape over your finger (as a guide). Start the bend at the horizontal slot.
  • Try not avoid straightening it too much when inserting it into the wall
  • Place your fitting against the front of the BladeFixer.
  • Put your first screw through one of the top 2 holes first and then add additional screws (if required)
  • Ensure screws are screwed in straight into the fixing
  • Suitable for use on all types of plasterboard
  • We recommend 4.5mm x 50mm Pozi Flat Countersunk Screws in zinc


  • Pack of 10
  • Pack of 20

Designed and made in the UK from galvanised British steel.

For up to date info, tips and offers visit The Bladefixer Twitter page:

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