Collection: Loctite

Select Products¬†is proud to be the leading distributor of LOCTITE¬ģ sealing products in the UK.

LOCTITE¬ģ¬†pipe sealing products are renowned for their efficiency and reliability to form a watertight or gas-tight seal. The medium strength thread sealant, LOCTITE¬ģ 577, for example, is designed for locking and sealing metal pipe threads and fittings. It provides an instant, low-pressure seal that will not creep or shrink, nor will it block systems by shredding. Once fully cured it will seal pressures often in excess of the burst pressure of the pipe. It is suitable for fast application at low temperatures and it also locks the connection against vibration-induced loosening and is ideal for sealing heating oil fittings.

Henkel’s main thread sealant for plumbing applications, LOCTITE 55, is now available in a 160m pack. Typical applications for this simple and effective product include central heating water systems and gas pipe fittings. It is designed for sealing any metal and plastic taper / taper and taper parallel threaded components. LOCTITE 55 needs no cure time and results in an immediate, full pressure seal. It also allows reliable readjustments and can be backed off by up to 360 degrees without leakage.

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